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Are you unsure of what the doctor tells you, are your meds compatible, maybe you need med advice.

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Welcome to Need Med Advice. This site was created to give you helpful advice on how to go about checking to see if the medications you are taking are compatible with each other, with your condition and if the dose is for your age and sex. It is also a site to help you have a healthier body, that you can be proud of by taking care of it and paying attention what is necessary to keep it that way. The articles will explain what to do with your labs and why it is important for you to keep tabs of your labs. It also will explain about different diseases and conditions and different things that have happened to people that may have happened to you. Just how you can change and make your life healthier. So enjoy the website and learn just how to have a better life and change the things that can be bothering you. If you can't find answers to your questions then go to Contact and send me a question I would be glad to answer it if I can,